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small-batch caramel handcrafted with love

caramel apples × salted caramels


Same great caramel.
Brand new name.

Empire Caramel has been known as Apple’icious (Specialty Apples) for the past 10 years. But, with a rising demand and increased production toward our Specialty Salted Caramels, we thought it was time for a new name.

After 10 Years, we still make every batch by hand, to ensure the best quality caramel.

We are still just as committed to our craft today, as we were when we made our first batch of caramel from an old family recipe over 10 Years ago. We craft every batch of caramel in a well-loved copper pot, and then dip every apple, and salt, cut and wrap every caramel, by hand. The process is a perpetual labor of love, and while we continue to streamline our workflow, there is never a substitute for the crafted flavors that come from being made by hand.


We currently offer regular deliveries and coordinate Meet-Ups in:

The Woodlands, TX
Houston, TX
Austin, TX
Tyler, TX
Dallas, TX



Flavors + toppings

Caramel Apples.

Every one of our apples begin as an Organic Granny Smith Apple, and, after being dipped by hand in our delicious caramel, they are then swirled in Milk and White Chocolates, before toppings are added.
-Classic (chocolate swirl only)

Salted Caramels.

Delicious as treats and perfect for gifts, our salted caramels are sure to satisfy that craving. After we pour our caramel in sheets, we layer the perfect balance of various Artisanal Salts, curated from the best sources. Our salted caramels pair well with coffee, red wine, or are just perfect on their own.
Every box contains approximately 4 ounces of Salted Caramels (9-10 pcs.)
-Sea Salt
-Black Cyprus Flake Sea Salt
-Pink Himalayan
-Various Seasonal Options

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